About Jo of Jotanica

Hello Beautiful beings,

I welcome you to find yourself here. You are clearly on a journey to meet yourself or you have met yourself and you love what that feeling brings. Trust me there is something here for everyone.This website is a home for tools to assist both feminine and masculine energies. Whether it is manifesting the life you desire or reclaiming the divinity in you, or just setting the vibe with a soul fulfilling scented candle, all products are here to help. My items are few because they mirror the tools I use in my work.

I specialize in educating others on: The Law of Attraction (along with the other 6 Universal Laws, The Laws of money, The "trick" to manifesting quickly, and the different masculine and feminine archetypes.

I also offer Goddess healing services and Customized candle work so feel free to click the link to the Contact Jo page below and inquire there as those services are exclusive.

 Enjoy this platform as your second home and remember that all of the magic is in you - always believe. Stay magical, stay divine and enjoy my botanica selections!