Red 7 Day  11.3 oz Paraffin Candle

Red 7 Day 11.3 oz Paraffin Candle

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used for energy, health, vitality, vigor, and is used to represent the element of Fire. Red is physical and bestows energy (general, dynamic, receptive, sexual), dynamism, passionate love, physical desire, will power, and athletic ability (especially competitive). Red is used for arousing anger, pure lust and for physical gratification. Red is a fiery color that attracts and magnetizes, and it certainly is a hot aphrodisiac, it represents blood, sex, fertility, defense. Red candles incite passion in love spells, for sexual love - burning hot and fast, but much more passionate than romantic, holding too much energy to be gentle, but enough to be very sexual and fertile. Red candles help to eliminate pessimism and negative attitudes, and gives strength against enemies.


 Fixed candle option is a candle that has been cleaned, blessed and protected with oils and herbs by Jo.


11.3 oz
Paraffin Candle 

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