Powerful Crafted Oils
Powerful Crafted Oils

Powerful Crafted Oils

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Handcrafted oils with herbs and flowers that hold very high and  powerful energy. The oils are to be used to dress candles, put on alters, worn as light perfumes, etc.

All oils cure for 7+ and are made by Jo personally. You cannot get these type of powerful oils anywhere else. 

Spiritual Potency is very high. 

Protection oil - Made to protect from evil and negative entities. Scents is very light & herbal but strength is powerful. This is like a bitter bath in a bottle. Unisex smell

Sweet Oil- This oil attracts money, abundance and prosperity. Need help with money? Need a money making idea?  Unisex smell.

Dragon Fly oil- (only comes in 7.5 ml bottle) very potent oil for any situation dealing with legal matters. Court, Government issues, tax issues, this will invoke a breath of change to these type of situations. Herbal unisex smell


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